Jumping on the latest technology bandwagon isn’t the best way to succeed in the Disruption Economy: radically change the way we consider strategy, organisation and leadership is! It is the difference between betting on or preparing for the Future!


From Strategy to Strategize:

In a context where knowledge has exponentially grown, making it impossible for individual leaders to master it, the time has come to develop collective intelligence. That means creating intelligent organisations, rather than looking for heroic leaders. When Strategy is something designed by an “elite” and inflicted on passive, disillusioned and disengaged masses, collective intelligence doesn’t emerge. Strategize is an educational, motivational and ownership-creating process, at the basis of intelligent organizations. This is what we help to create!


From Organisations to Organisms:

Hoping to create an intelligent organisation, based on yesterday’s organizational orthodoxies (strict hierarchies, pyramidal model, silos) is mere window dressing. Choosing to create an intelligent organisation implies a complete rethinking of the way people relate, work, align, decide and solve potential conflicts. It is what we call an organism, something close to a Complex Adaptive System: Purpose driven, permanently connected (which implies the Trust and Simplification that so many companies desperately seek to implement, by… adding new model, rules, roles and procedures) and relational (as opposed to transactional) based.


From Leading when I know to Leading when I don’t know:

Forever in History, it was implied that the license to operate of leaders, was their superior knowledge. These days are gone. Disruptive leaders need to be able to lead, even when they don’t know! That means leading from behind, rather than from the front, listening and asking the right questions rather than ordering and providing solutions, developing and connecting their people’s intelligence and skills rather than shining individually.

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