My Many Lives

I describe myself as an author, blogger, board advisor, coach (business & professional sport), consultant, father & husband, idealist, professor and… agent-provocateur. These are my ten lives…

Author: I co-wrote, with ex-IMD faculty, Chris Parker, the book “Engaging Leadership” which describes our Change Leadership beliefs and practice. It was a major achievement for us and our partners.

Blogger: I regularly publish a blog, which is now followed by 5’000 executives and academics around the World. It is where I can express myself freely and let intellect and passion freely blend!

Board advisor: This refers to my Deep Intent.

Consultant: Where my thirst to deliver results is fulfilled

Sports coach: If consultants love to use the sport’s metaphor in their practice, the reality is that business is more sophisticated than sports when it comes to let prima donnas successfully work on their team dynamics. I thoroughly enjoy working with athletes and coaches as results are not on a quarterly basis, but on the next game! With Fabio Celestini (ex captain O.M. Marseille and Switzerland coach of the year 2016), we have even created a team dedicated to that!

Father: Finnish business philosopher and friend Esa Saarinen once warned me: “if you wish to go through a terrifying feedback experience, ask it from your children”… He was right. After my divorce, I have been a single father for my daughter in particular, and this is something that profoundly emotionally marked me.

Husband: Well that certainly is an area I could improve on… I have an amazing track record at failing my lovelife…

Idealist: I am unable to work on something I don’t believe in nor have no Passion for. Outside my work, there are several causes I passionately defend.

Professor: I like to experiment with new ways of teaching and, when I find an institution courageous enough to allow it, I join them passionately. When summoned to become academic, I leave.

Agent provocateur: An Aquarian/ENFP could hardly be anything else. But I am a rebel… with a (humanistic) cause!

What I Do