What We Support Our Clients With

Preparing your organization for the Disruption Economy:

Digitalization and other ground-breaking technologies fail to deliver results when the organization’s culture is not ready to embrace them. We work at three levels:

From strategy to strategize: We help leaders create intelligent organizations instead of relying on the superior knowledge of an elite at the top.

From organization to organism: We contribute to changing the organization’s culture from a vertical, hierarchical and siloed one, to a connected, generous and trusting one.

From “Leading when I know” to “Leading when I don’t know”: We support transformational leaders in driving their organizations even under the extraordinary and challenging circumstances of Disruption.


Helping your people be actors and not victims of Change:

We coach leaders who transform their organisations. We design effective Mass Engagement Processes, using the levers of Logos (intellectual clarity), Ethos (behavioural exemplarity) and Pathos (emotional engagement). We enable them to run their transformation with their people.


Understanding the new Leadership Styles:

We design unusual, impacting and behaviour-changing experiences. The XXIst century will see more changes than Mankind has witnessed since its beginnings. Leadership assumptions and paradigms, which went unchallenged since, are now under a tremendous pressure. As leaders, we need to question the orthodoxies that we unconsciously followed for centuries.


Coaching Individuals & Teams:
We challenge and support executive teams with their dynamics. Since 70% of any organisation’s culture is directly linked to the behaviours of its leaders, we ensure that top team’s behaviours concur to create the right culture. We accompany and “team-coach” those who need to lead by example.

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